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Tips and Tricks for a Happy Pond | Aqua Scapes of CT, LLC

Tips and Tricks for a Happy Pond

- The less you clean your filters (unless you have a canister filter) the better.

- Only clean Filter / Bio Media once a year, at the beginning of the year.

- Get your pond up and running in April or May. This way, your pond ecosystem will have a chance to get established before the weather gets too hot.

- It is common to get an algae bloom a week or two after a pond cleaning. This is because your pond has not had enough time to build up a strong colony of Beneficial Bacteria.

- Use Beneficial Bacteria one to two times a week for the first few months after you get your pond running. If your pond is staying clear and algae free, you can dial this treatment back to once every two weeks.

- A pond should be cleaned once a year, in early to late spring. Surplus nutrients cause algae growth. Beneficial Bacteria helps break down excess nutrients via the nitrogen cycle.

- Make sure you remove any dead plant materials and decaying leaves.

- Fish produce ammonia. Ammonia creates nitrites. Nitrites are harmful to fish and a pond's ecosystem. Nitrites are then broken down into nitrates by Beneficial Bacteria in your filter. Nitrates help fertilize your plants.

Tips and Tricks for a Happy PondTips and Tricks for a Happy PondTips and Tricks for a Happy PondTips and Tricks for a Happy Pond

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