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Koi or Goldfish? | Aqua Scapes of CT, LLC

Koi or Goldfish?

If you spend the money to build an expensive koi pond, why cheap out on the fish?

There is a big misconception that koi are hard to care for, but with an adequately sized pond and proper filtration, koi are actually better for your pond than goldfish. Koi spend most of their time bottom feeding on both algae and debris while goldfish primarily eat, sleep, and poop.

Koi also love eating plant roots, thus eating most of their fertilized eggs resulting in fewer babies. Goldfish don't. This is why a goldfish pond with 8 fish can easily turn into a goldfish pond with 100 fish (under the right circumstances).

That said, koi can be destructive especially when it comes to pond plants. They also grow much larger than goldfish and other pond fish.

Therefore, if your pond is small, you have predators, or lack adequate filtration, goldfish might be a better option. But you don't have to settle for feeder fish; Sarasa Comets, Shubunkin, and Fantail Goldfish are nice alternatives to koi.

Koi or Goldfish?Koi or Goldfish?Koi or Goldfish?Koi or Goldfish?Koi or Goldfish?

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