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Sick Koi: What Should I Do? | Aqua Scapes of CT, LLC

Sick Koi: What Should I Do?

If you suspect your fish might be sick, add a water conditioner (detoxifier), boost aeration, and do a 25% water change (at minimum). It is imperative to monitor sick fish and their symptoms. Sick fish generally show outward signs of illness; if nothing appears wrong on the outside, odds are your issue is water quality.

Water Quality

Ammonia - High ammonia, a byproduct produced by fish, can be deadly if not treated properly.
Leaching - Leaching is the osmosis of environmental solubles into your pond. Chemicals such as lawn fertilizers, weed killers and new mulch will leach chemicals into your pond ultimately posing a risk to your fish.

Bacterial Infections (Second Photo)

Ulcers - Do your fish have red, bloody patches on their sides?
Fin Rot - Are your fish's fins red and deteriorating?

Fungal Infections (Third Photo)

Fungus - Do your fish have white, cloud-like clumps sluffing off their sides and fins?

Parasites (Fourth Photo)

External Parasites - Are your fish flashing (ie scraping against rocks in the pond)?
Internal Parasites - Are your fish very skinny?

Sick Koi: What Should I Do?Sick Koi: What Should I Do?Sick Koi: What Should I Do?Sick Koi: What Should I Do?

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